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Who we are

Lilian Muli

Her love for wildlife, adventure, and people, compelled her to join Kenya Utalii College, Africa's leading Hospitality and Tourism training institution, in 2008, where she studied Travel and Tourism Management. After graduating she first worked as a Travel and Tour Consultant, she was then presented with the opportunity to work in the outdoors, a chance she excitedly jumped at. For more than seven years while working for a global adventure company, she managed groups of travellers from different parts of the world, running amazing Safaris, while creating lifelong memories for her travellers. As Safari Savvy’s Managing Director, her aim is to offer incredible, authentic, and affordable travel opportunities in East Africa, allowing travellers to fully immerse themselves in the region’s wildlife and culture

Luciano Ouma

Experiencing different cultures around the world while working in the hospitality industry had a huge impact on the road to creating safari savvy ltd. You would meet people from different backgrounds and instantly share a common love for travel. My journey in different parts of the world led to me believe there are people who would love to experience an authentic safari in the wild besides having to watch it on television. So then why safari savvy and not other tour agents, In my capacity as the Director of Sales and Marketing, I look forward to offering personalized tours that fit your schedules and customized to your liking. Experience the joy of a safari without having to worry about whether your special needs will be catered to.


At Safari savvy, our aim is to provide an unforgettable safari experience be it group, individuals or couples. We also aim to build customer loyalty through seamless service and tailor made adventures that will wow our clients and bring them back with an even wider customer clientele. Quality service and sweet memories for our clients is what we are after. 


To be the best ahead of the rest in customer service.


Herd of Giraffes
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